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Greens announce commitment to South Yarra station

21 Jun 2016

The Greens have announced a $20 million commitment for infrastructure upgrades to South Yarra Station and planning for a Melbourne Metro Rail interchange at South Yarra.


Greens lay out plan to protect native forests for generations to come

19 Jun 2016

The Greens have outlined a plan for a rapid planned transition out of native forest logging, including the immediate end to logging of all high conservation value forests.

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Greens tourism plan to create jobs and protect our precious places

09 Jun 2016

The Greens have announced a $100 million package to boost tourism, with a focus on regional and rural areas to build sustainable local economies beyond the mining boom.


Greens outline plan to save threatened Victorian native wildlife

05 Jun 2016

On World Environment Day today, the Greens launched their $2.1 billion election policy to protect native wildlife, which would help bring threatened species such as Victoria’s animal emblem, the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possums.


Greens condemn ‘witch hunt’ of Safe Schools’ Roz Ward

03 Jun 2016

The Greens have called for the reinstatement of Safe Schools Coalition co-founder Roz Ward following her suspension by her employer La Trobe University.


Real commitment to Melbourne Airport Rail

02 Jun 2016

The Greens have announced a $1 billion federal commitment to Melbourne Airport Rail, as part of $10 billion in transport funding over four years that prioritises public transport.

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