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Greens will vote against plebiscite legislation

26 Aug 2016

The Australian Greens have resolved to vote against any legislation enabling a plebiscite on marriage equality.

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National interest must come first in high speed rail conversation

14 Jul 2016

The Australian Greens have welcomed a fresh discussion about high speed rail in light of the proposal from Consolidated Land and Rail Australia, but warn that it's crucial that the infrastructure is built in the nation's interests, not to suit the profits of private property developers.


Greens back Family Court Chief Justice on transgender treatment reform

06 Jul 2016

The Greens have welcomed calls by the Chief Justice of the Family Court for change to the process of getting stage two medical treatment for gender dysphoria, and will work with Justice Bryant to push for change in the next Parliament.


Greens announce commitment to South Yarra station

21 Jun 2016

The Greens have announced a $20 million commitment for infrastructure upgrades to South Yarra Station and planning for a Melbourne Metro Rail interchange at South Yarra.


Greens lay out plan to protect native forests for generations to come

19 Jun 2016

The Greens have outlined a plan for a rapid planned transition out of native forest logging, including the immediate end to logging of all high conservation value forests.


Greens tourism plan to create jobs and protect our precious places

09 Jun 2016

The Greens have announced a $100 million package to boost tourism, with a focus on regional and rural areas to build sustainable local economies beyond the mining boom.

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