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Motion: get moving on the Port-Rail Shuttle

The Senate –

1. Notes:

a) The federal government committed $38 million of Commonwealth funds to the Port-Rail Shuttle project in Victoria.

b) The Port-Rail Shuttle project would create a rail connection between the Port of Melbourne and three inland ports. This rail connection would reduce diesel use and pollution from Victorian containerised freight movements and would remove up to 3500 trucks from residential streets in Melbourne’s west every day.

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Record congestion costs set to continue without express investment in public transport

Record congestion costs set to continue without express investment in public transport

With the cost of congestion in Australia’s capital cities rising to $16.5 billion a year, the Greens have called for investment in public transport to be prioritised.

“The old way of trying to fix congestion with more and more roads is like loosening your belt to fix obesity,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure Senator Janet Rice.

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Estimates: effects of runway occupancy time program at Melbourne Airport

Senator RICE: I have some questions about Melbourne airport, specifically the runway occupancy time program. First of all, when did this program commence?

Mr Hood: The airport capacity enhancement program has been running for almost two years now in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. It is called by another name, but it is also running for Sydney airport.

Senator RICE: In terms of when it commenced in Melbourne, can you tell me the date of that?

Mr Hood: I will have to take that on notice.

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Estimates: where are ARTC's KPIs?

Senator RICE: I want to follow up on a question I asked on notice last estimates, question No. 64. The first question was whether the ARTC could provide the documentation required under the ARTC's 2012 lease with the Victorian government on the key performance indicators. The response I got to that question was that the quarterly report is subject to commercial considerations. I just want to re-ask that. Do you stand by not being able to release that report because of commercial considerations, given that V-Line is a Victorian government agency?

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