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Contamination scandal demands urgent federal and state cooperation, say Greens

The state and federal governments must offer assistance to residents and workers impacted by the growing number of sites in Victoria affected by elevated levels of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl chemicals (PFAS), say the Greens.

“In the wake of revelations that at least 16 Victorian sites may be affected by PFAS contamination, the Australian government must immediately ratify the United Nations’ Stockholm Convention agreement to ban PFOS chemicals,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens senator for Victoria.

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Greens bill to axe the tampon tax passes Senate

Janet Rice 18 Jun 2018

The Greens bill to remove the GST from sanitary products has passed the Senate with the support of members of the crossbench and Labor.

“I’m so pleased that my private senator’s bill to axe the tampon tax has passed the Senate,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens spokesperson for women.

“This is a huge step closer to axing this unfair tax on sanitary products.”

“The pressure is now well and truly on the Prime Minister to show some leadership and support the Greens bill to axe the tampon tax, and pass it through the House of Representatives.”

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PM telling drought-stricken farmers to adapt to climate change while failing to tackle carbon pollution, say Greens

The Prime Minister touring drought-stricken NSW and QLD telling farmers they have to be resilient and adapt to climate change is a slap in the face when his Government is failing to take any real action in the face of climate catastrophe, say the Greens.

“Rapidly reducing carbon pollution is the best thing the Turnbull government can do to help our farmers. That means ending the system of rigged politics that favours Mr Turnbull’s fossil fuel industry mates at the expense of our farmers and environment,” says Greens agriculture spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

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