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Action against red fire ant is a no-brainer

Media Release
Janet Rice 8 Dec 2016

The Greens have urged the federal government to take the necessary action to eradicate the red fire ant, after the Senate passed a Greens motion requiring the tabling of the independent report into the eradication program of the pest.

“Red fire ants are damaging our natural areas, our precious animals and birds, our crops and livestock, and our health,” said the Australian Greens agriculture spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

“Red fire ants have the potential to do more damage that rabbits, cane toads, foxes, camels, wild dogs and feral cats combined.

“The Minister has sat on this independent review since at least May of this year and has failed to take proper action.

“When the benefit will be at least $25 for every $1 spent, it's a no-brainer to take the necessary and cost-effective action to eradicate the red fire ant.”

The red fire ant is currently located in south-East Queensland but is threatening to spread throughout Australia.

“State and federal governments need to stop sitting on their hands while red fire ants threaten Queensland's precious natural areas,” said Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters.

“Get on with eradication already.”



Senator Rice - Sam Drummond on 0400 352 935

Senator Waters – Lauren Gillin on 0419 626 725  

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