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Government and Labor vote down Greens push to reduce truck pollution, greenhouse gases and fuel consumption

Media Release
Janet Rice 10 May 2018

The Coalition and Labor have voted against a Greens amendment to a heavy vehicle regulation bill in the senate today that would have lead to reduced pollution, greenhouse gases and fuel consumption of  trucks.

“Australia is trailing the world when comes to reducing vehicle pollution. Almost 20% of Australia’s carbon pollution comes from transport and that percentage is rising rapidly,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

“Meanwhile the government’s own health research body has shown that 3000 Australians die prematurely from air pollution every year.”

“It beggars belief that Labor would join forces with the climate wreckers in the Coalition to vote against sensible steps to save lives, and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases.”

This week, energy minister Josh Frydenberg launched a review into Australia’s fuel security after reports that holdings have fallen below 50 days, just over half of the 90 days required by the International Energy Agency.

“In a time when the government is calling for ways to increase fuel security, it is astounding  that both Liberals and Labor have voted against a real plan to reduce our dependence on oil.”

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