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Government caving in to industry scare campaign, must act now to stop car pollution, say Greens

Media Release
Janet Rice 21 May 2018

Under questioning by Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has today confirmed that the Turnbull Government is moving at a snail’s pace to curb car pollution, with a go-slow since July last year on the development of a draft model for light vehicle emission standards.

“After nearly three years of consultation, and all the while as pollution from the transport sector grows rapidly, the development and implementation of standards that would reduce pollution from cars have stalled under this Government,” said Senator Janet Rice.

“Since the leaking of the Government’s draft model for an Australian light vehicle fuel efficiency standard in July of last year, and the consequent media pile-on from the car industry, the Department still has no preferred option for light vehicle emissions.”

“This delay is unacceptable. It looks very much like the responsible Ministers Frydenberg and Fletcher have bowed to pressure from industry, their cheerleaders in the media and the dinosaurs on their backbench to slow down the development of these standards.”

“If this Government is serious about driving down air pollution and meeting our Paris targets, it must swiftly introduce tough mandatory pollution standards for the major car manufacturers, as recommended by the Ministerial Forum.”

“We cannot wait yet another election cycle for these standards to be introduced. Unless the Government legislates standards before the end of the year, Australians will know who is to blame for higher household fuel costs, higher greenhouse gas emissions and our national fuel security,” concluded Senator Rice.

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