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Greens call on government to accelerate electric vehicle uptake, following senate hearing

Media Release
Janet Rice 17 Aug 2018

Australia’s failure to join the electric vehicle revolution has dire implications for the economy, jobs, public health and reducing carbon pollution, a Senate Committee hearing into electric vehicles heard today.

“We know that the electric vehicle revolution is inevitable and is already happening around the world,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson and committee member.

“We have the opportunity now to get on board and benefit from this technology, such as jobs and economic benefits from manufacturing, improving our fuel security, and improvements to public health from cleaner air.”

“The question is, will Australia be a market leader or will the Turnbull government let us get left behind and become the world’s dumping ground for dirty gas guzzlers?”

“There’s also the huge potential reductions in carbon pollution in the transport sector, the second highest sector of Australia’s pollution.”

“We need the government to act quickly with the right policies and incentives to drive the uptake of electric vehicles. Instead the government is keeping us stuck in the slow lane as the rest of the world zips past.”

“Experts from the both Australian National University and the Electric Vehicle Council agreed that the policy ambition of 100% new sales being electric vehicles by 2030 is realistic, with an achievable and affordable mix of government initiatives. This is current Greens policy.”

“The Greens have a plan to drive the rapid phase-in of EVs, bringing more clean cars to the market and making them more affordable for all.”

The Greens plan includes: implementing light vehicle emissions standards; the removal of import tariffs;  exemptions from GST, stamp duty and registration fees on zero emissions vehicles, and rolling out fast charging infrastructure.

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