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Greens don’t support Sugar Industry Code of Conduct disallowance

Media Release
Janet Rice 17 Oct 2017

The Greens are standing up for farmers against the predatory behaviours of multinational corporations who are hanging canegrowers out to dry, says Senator Janet Rice, Greens spokesperson for agriculture and rural affairs.

“This is about fairness – ensuring farmers have access to protections that they need to deal with their local monopolist. It is clear that without a code of conduct, sugar millers will further be able to abuse their market power, pushing Australian canegrowers to accept terms on supply agreements, on marketing choice and on a whole host of other contractual matters,” said Senator Rice.

“The drafting, consultation, implementation and now disallowance of the Sugar Industry Code of Conduct has been absolutely mired in base party politics, but ultimately this Code is better than no Code at all, so we will not be supporting Senator Leyonhjelm’s disallowance motion.”

“We look forward to the review process that must now happen within the next 12 months and hope to continue our conversations with all sections of the industry to ensure a better outcome for all.”

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