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Greens reject call for logging in Victorian National Parks and water catchments, and call for exit from native forest logging

Media Release
Janet Rice 26 Mar 2018

The Greens have slammed an industry call to allow logging in Victoria’s national parks and water catchments, and say the state and Commonwealth governments need to commit to scrap existing logging laws, with two of Victoria’s five logging agreements set to expire tomorrow and discussed by Victorian Cabinet this morning.

“The industry is admitting what is staring everyone in the face - the wood is running out. That’s why they’ve raised this destructive suggestion to open up our national parks and water catchments to logging,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens spokesperson for forests.

“There needs to be a transition plan out of native forest to complete the shift to sustainable plantations. That’s what is needed to preserve what’s left of these native forests for their many values, and to ensure a long-term wood products industry.”

“The Turnbull government and the Victorian Labor government must see sense and take any extensions and renewals of these failed logging laws off the table.”

"The Regional Forest Agreements essentially give loggers quotas to guaranteed supply of timber and exempt them from Federal environmental laws. It's an outdated system and the Andrews Government must commit to winding them up immediately,” said Samantha Dunn MLC, Victorian Greens spokesperson for forests.

"The concern about the Victorian logging industry is a sign we should be looking at alternative revenue streams for our regional areas. National Parks have the potential to serve as a key part of a long-term, sustainable tourism industry. They need to be protected, not logged.”

"Instead of considering allowing logging in our National Parks and water catchments, we should be pushing toward establishing the Great Forest National Park and protecting Melbourne's water supply."


Janet Rice media contact: Matija Sraj 0400 352 935

Samantha Dunn media contact: Nick Gibbs 0491 012 791


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