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Greens secure Senate inquiry into Queensland Labor granting Adani an unlimited water licence

Media Release
Janet Rice 18 Oct 2017

The Greens have secured an inquiry into the mining and fossil fuel industry’s water use, and how the mining and fossil fuel industry have ever been allowed to take unlimited amounts of ground water.

“It is extremely concerning that in Australia, the driest continent on earth, we have the Queensland Labor government granting coal mining companies like Adani unlimited water leases,” said Senator Rice, Greens environment and agriculture spokesperson. “Our environment and our farm industries are just too important to be handing out unlimited water licences willy nilly to big coal mates.”

“This inquiry provides an opportunity to look into the granting of an unlimited water licence to Adani for the Carmichael coal mine by the Queensland Labor government. It will be an important platform for farmers and people in rural communities to have a voice in the debate over Adani.”

“This inquiry will also look into why the mining industry gets special treatment over other industries in its water allocation, as well as what further role the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act might be able to play in protecting our waterways.

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