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Old parties pass pitiful, forest-burning Renewable Energy Target through Lower House

Media Release
Janet Rice 3 Jun 2015

Old parties pass pitiful, forest-burning Renewable Energy Target through Lower House

The Australian Greens say the Senate is now the last line of defence against a pitiful, forest-burning Renewable Energy Target, after the Abbott Government passed it through the House of Representatives tonight, with Labor’s support.

Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said this dirty deal between the old parties was bad for jobs, the environment and the climate.  

“What a sad day for the climate, environment and jobs when the Abbott Government gangs up with Labor to slash the Renewable Energy Target.

“Right when the rest of the world is moving to renewables to save the climate and generate the jobs of the future, in Australia both old parties are going backwards.

“Native forest burning should be a deal-breaker for Labor, but we’ve seen today that it wasn’t.

“When Labor’s amendment to remove native forest burning was voted down, it still went ahead and voted for the weakened Renewable Energy Target, including native forest burning,” Senator Waters said.

Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens spokesperson on forests, said our native forests were worth more standing than burnt.

“Every Renewable Energy Certificate available for the burning of native forests will mean less for real renewables like solar and wind.

“Burning our native forests for energy holds up the industry’s transition to plantation-based wood products and sustainable employment.

“Australians want our native forests protected to keep our air and water clean, protect some of our most precious animals and play their role as vital carbon stores.

“If the burning of wood from native forests is included in the Renewable Energy Target, Labor must stand with the community and vote this legislation down in the Senate,” Senator Rice said.


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