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Senate calls for federal investment for people who ride bikes

Media Release
Janet Rice 21 Mar 2017

The Senate has supported a Greens motion acknowledging the importance of bike riding for millions of Australians and calling on the federal government to invest in better cycling infrastructure.

“Australians deserve the freedom to ride safely whenever they want,” said the Australian Greens transport and infrastructure spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

“We’ve seen too many instances of people hit while riding, most of which could have been prevented with proper cycling infrastructure.”

“Cycling infrastructure has been left to local and state governments for too long, and it’s time for the Turnbull government to take responsibility and do its part, too.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Sam Drummond 0400 352 935

Text of motion:

That the Senate—
(a) notes:
(i) the tragic death of a cyclist in Melbourne recently, who was struck and killed by a truck while riding a busy cycle route in the city's inner west,
(ii) the work of cycling advocates in calling for improved infrastructure and safety measures to ensure people have the freedom to ride safely,
(iii) the importance of well-designed and properly funded infrastructure to support cycling as a healthy, clean and efficient mode of transport for Australians of all ages,
(iv) that our cities suffer from traffic congestion and pollution, which can be relieved by providing people with safe cycling routes,
(v) the National Cycling Participation Survey 2015 showed that four million people ride their bike each week in Australia,
(vi) that the National Cycling Strategy aimed to double the number of people riding a bike between 2011 and 2016, yet rider numbers remained relatively unchanged over that period, and
(vii) that the Federal Government funds a range of transport modes, yet provides very little funding to active transport; and
(b) calls on the Government to invest in cycling infrastructure in the upcoming Budget, to reflect the nationally significant role of cycling as a transport mode in Australia and the need to ensure the safety of everyone who rides.

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