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Victorians issued over 33,000 robo-debt notices in less than a year

A breakdown provided by the Department of Human Services to the Centrelink senate inquiry shows that over 33,000 Victorians have been issued with a Centrelink robo-debt between 1 July 2016 and 28 February 2017.


“In less than a year we have 33,000 Victorians sent letters for alleged debts that may or may not exist. This sort of approach is unfair and fundamentally flawed and targets people who are already struggling to get by,” Greens Senator for Victoria Janet Rice said today.


“The method for calculating apparent debts is flawed, so many of the debts could be false.”


“I’m very concerned for people who believe they have a legitimate debt and are repaying it, without querying it with Centrelink.”


“Having a debt raised against you would be extremely stressful and concerning. It forces people to go back through six years of paperwork to prove they don’t have a debt. Why isn’t the government making sure these debts are accurate before hounding innocent people?”


“The Government should take good notice of the recommendations of the Senate report when it is tabled.”

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