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Time for Hodgman and Turnbull to Accept Umpire’s Call on World Heritage Logging

The arrival of the United Nations Reactive Monitoring Mission in Tasmania puts the onus on Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt to reject the Tasmanian government's plans to log inside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim again called on the Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments to accept the decision the World Heritage Committee made in Bonn in June.

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Senate urges Turnbull not to bin recycled paper promise

Janet Rice 11 Nov 2015

Senate urges Turnbull not to bin recycled paper promise

The Senate has called on the Turnbull government to immediately reinstate an ongoing commitment to using 100 per cent recycled paper in government departments and agencies.

“The government seems happy to recycle Prime Ministers but is refusing to do the same for paper,” said the Australian Greens forests spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

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Swift Parrot’s Critically Endangered Listing Demands Urgent Action

Janet Rice 30 Oct 2015

The IUCN’s decision to list the swift parrot as critically endangered should prompt urgent action from the Federal Government.

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said the loss of the swift parrot would be an ecological disaster for Australia.

“The Swiftie is trending towards extinction, and the Red List upgrade means the warning bells are sounding loudly, but this is a problem we can fix if we have the political will,” Senator McKim said.

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Greens Senators in South East NSW – plan to step up call to end logging of native forests

Lee Rhiannon 7 Oct 2015

MEDIA RELEASE 7 October 2015

Following a three day visit to NSW’s South East forests Greens Senators Lee Rhiannon and Janet Rice have said that the trip was a great success with considerable evidence gathered on why ending logging of native forests should be a key focus in the coming federal election.

“The evidence is overwhelming that it is time to end the logging of our native forests and we will be working hard to inject this as a key issue in the coming federal election campaign,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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South west tour shows opportunities from keeping native forests standing

South west tour shows opportunities from keeping native forests standing

A Greens fact-finding tour of south west WA has highlighted the key threats to our native forests, with the burning native forest wood for energy a major concern.

“Our native forests are worth so much more standing than destroyed,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for forests Senator Janet Rice.

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Motion: we must act now to save the Leadbeater's Possum

Senator RICE:  I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) that in April 2015, the Minister for the Environment up‑listed Victoria’s animal emblem, the Leadbeater’s Possum, to critically endangered which is one category level prior to becoming extinct in the wild,

(ii) the ‘Threatened Species Strategy Action Plan 2015‑16—20 mammals by 2020’ released by the Government on 16 July 2015 states that emergency intervention is required for this species, and

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