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Estimates: Melbourne airport third runway

Senator RICE: I wanted to ask about the Melbourne Airport third-runway proposal and how that is rolling out. I understand that the airport's 2013 master plan lays out the third-runway proposition, amongst many other plans for the airport. Specifically, is there going to be a new environmental impact statement carried out for that aspect of the airport?

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Estimates: MV Portland and CSL Melbourne

Senator RICE: I want to continue on with the line of questioning from Senator Conroy and Senator Sterle. In the case of the MV Portland and the Federal Court findings, I understand that the Federal Court found that the minister did not follow the requirements of the Coastal Trading Act in that particular instance, despite finding in favour of the minister, so am I correct in characterising the court's findings in that way?

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Auditor-General's report on East West Link

I move:

That the Senate take note of the document.

I want to respond to the tabling of the Auditor-General's report Audit Report No. 14 of 2015-16, Approval and Administration of Commonwealth Funding for the East West Link Projectfollowing the investigation into the Commonwealth funding approval decisions related to the East West Link project.

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Government hasn't made the case to ditch interstate shipping regulations

I rise today to speak to the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Amendment (Inter-State Voyages) Bill 2015. The Australian Greens are opposed to this bill, because we believe the government is yet to make the case for loosening the regulations on registered Australian vessels engaged in interstate trade. It is significant that there is still confusion and a lack of clarity as to why this measure is required in the context that has just been outlined by Senator Collins.

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Greens back Fund Our Future campaign for outer suburbs

The Australian Greens have thrown support behind a plan that ensures people living in the expanding outer suburbs of Australia’s capital cities have access to the same services of inner-city residents.

“Populations have exploded in the outer suburbs over the last decade, but there has been nowhere near the same growth in essential services for the residents of these suburbs,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities Senator Scott Ludlam. 

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